The material is comprehensive, easy to understand, and can be put into practice immediately (...). After only the second week, I already felt equipped and confident to begin my career as an ESL teacher. Honestly, I feel that I am better equipped than others I have seen teach who learned at other TEFL schools/courses. - ITA Grad Kristen Schill


How to Start Your ESL Tutoring Business Online or In-Person

Set yourself up for additional income, and take the guesswork out of starting a tutoring business, with ITA’s new Tutoring English specialty TEFL course. You’ll leave this 2-week online course with the resources and skills you need to launch your own ESL tutoring business and a certificate from the world’s leading TEFL course provider.

In ITA’s exclusive four-step curriculum, you’ll learn how to succeed as a professional ESL tutor. You’ll work with an experienced instructor to build out the vision and next steps for your English tutoring business.

  • Step 1: Determine what types of tutoring services you will offer.
  • Step 2: Specify your niche and develop your tutoring program.
  • Step 3: Learn how to best market your services through social media, website, print materials and other channels, including reviews and referrals.
  • Step 4: Teach and reflect, including considering students’ wants and needs and implementing lessons.

To become an excellent ESL tutor, you need the highest quality of instruction. All instructors at ITA are master’s or Ph.D. prepared, and your tutoring English course will be capped at 20 students.


30-Hour ESL Tutor Training Course

Part-time, 2-week online course that requires 15 hours of work a week

Constructive Feedback & Support

Learn from the best to become the best tutor possible. Interact with your Master's or Ph.D.-prepared professor during live instruction and office hours. 

Digital Certificate Awarded at Completion

Earn a digital certificate upon completion of your Tutoring English course.


Who is The Tutoring English Course For?

Starting an English tutoring business requires both strong teaching skills and business acumen. Our Tutoring English course is designed to address both needs, and is ideal for students who are TEFL certified and would like:

  • Additional income before or during your time teaching English abroad, or as a side gig upon returning to your home country.
  • To teach independently of a teach English online company and have more control over your rates for tutoring English online.
  • Skills to build your own independent tutoring business, market your services and recruit students.
  • A better understanding of the differences between teaching groups of ESL students in a school setting versus teaching in a one-to-one setting.

Bundle a TEFL Course & Save

If you’re not yet TEFL certified, consider bundling the Tutoring English course with our 11-week part-time or 4-week full-time TEFL certification course. Benefits of bundling include:

  • Save Money: When you register for both a TEFL course and the Tutoring English course together, you’ll save an additional $50. You’ll also be eligible for a payment plan that allows you to pay for your courses over time.
  • Enhance Your Professional Opportunities: By gaining training and skills in specialized areas, you will make yourself more attractive and valuable to language schools and other potential employers.
  • Learn from the Best: If you’re going to be a teacher, you want to be the best teacher possible. Our instructors have all taught abroad and hold a master’s or Ph.D. level degree. There’s a reason that has rated us the #1 TEFL certification course for several years running.
  • Get Support in Your Job Search: If you get TEFL certified with ITA, you’ll benefit from our sought-after lifetime job search guidance for teaching English abroad and online. You will not be alone in navigating the job market anywhere in the world. Note: If you are already TEFL certified with another organization, and simply want to take one of our specialty courses, you will not receive our lifetime job search guidance.



Online TEFL Course, as Rated by


Strong Alumni Network in 80+ Countries

Level 5

Internationally Accredited TEFL Certificate


Job Search Guidance and Support from Your Personal Advisor

Course Outcomes

What Will I Learn in This ESL Tutor Training?

You’ll leave this English tutor course with a deep understanding of the major components and considerations for how to start a tutoring business in an online or face-to-face setting. These will include:

  • Considerations of English tutoring, including location, pricing, contracts, marketing strategies, finding and tracking students, materials development and session planning.
  • How to build rapport, conduct needs analyses and develop relevant course goals and objectives for your students.
  • How to deliver ESL tutoring instruction using the latest methodologies & best practices, including setting goals, providing feedback and integration of technology.
Class Requirements

Important: To take the Tutoring English course, you must be currently completing or have successfully completed an accredited TEFL course, and have the required technology and network capabilities.

Course Materials: Within the online course, you’ll have access to everything you need for our Tutoring English course, including reading materials, assignments and quizzes. Many students also opt to purchase a copy of the textbook to reference in the future.

Technology Requirements:

  • Reliable/quality Internet connection.
  • Computer microphone (built-in or an accessory).
  • Computer webcam (built-in or an accessory).
  • A quiet place to learn and provide classes.
  • A free Basic Zoom Account in your name.

Course Dates & Registration

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling, we strongly recommend that you are concurrently enrolled in an accredited TEFL certification, are already certified, or have experience teaching ESL. Not yet TEFL certified? Get in touch with us. You can bundle our TEFL certification course with this specialty course and save an additional $50. 

International TEFL Academy's Lifetime Job Guidance and support, access to our alumni community, and our high-quality accreditation are only available to students and alumni of our online and in-person standard TEFL certification courses.

We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

Why Should You Consider Becoming an ESL Tutor?

Earn More

Many English teachers can earn more as private ESL tutors than teaching classes at a language school. Taking this class will empower you to build a successful English tutoring business to maximize your income potential.

Strengthen Your Resume & Credibility

Even teachers employed at language schools often get assigned to tutor students 1:1. These employers will prefer to hire teachers with training in this type of learning environment.

Demand is Hot

English tutoring is a multi-billion dollar industry experiencing rapid growth as ESL students from Japan to Costa Rica seek personalized learning experiences away from traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms.

Gain Tutoring Skills

Most certified English teachers will teach as private ESL tutors, either full-time or part-time, at some point during their TEFL careers. You owe it to yourself (and your students) to be prepared.

Download Specialty Course Guide

Ask an ESL Tutor Course Instructor

Nicole Vail,  ITA's Tutoring English Course Instructor.
Nicole has been with ITA since 2019. She has an extensive educational background including a MA in Teaching and another MA in English with a concentration in ESL. She's taught English in Costa Rica and the Czech Republic, has served as a Russian linguist in the U.S. Navy and now currently resides in Brazil.

What should I look for in an English tutor course?

In addition to finding an accredited institution, know that when it comes to English tutor courses, you get what you pay for. At International TEFL Academy, you’ll learn from and interact with master’s and Ph.D. level instructors who have been in your shoes - having each taught abroad for at least one year. To become an English tutor of the highest quality and build a successful tutoring business, you need to learn from and gain feedback from the best - as opposed to watching pre-recorded videos with little interaction.

What qualifications do you need to be a successful English tutor?

No tutoring certifications, bachelor’s degree or prior teaching experience is required - but all can help you charge a competitive rate for tutoring English online or in a face-to-face setting.

Why should I consider a tutoring English course or tutoring certification?

This answer is simple: credibility, money and the skills you need.. Your tutoring business will gain much-needed credibility when you can highlight specific training and experience as an expert ESL tutor. This can also enable you to charge higher rates for your tutoring services.

Can I work as a private ESL tutor without a degree?

Yes! Earning a TEFL certification with a specialty in Tutoring English can set you apart, regardless of whether you’ve earned a college degree.

Read more: Can I Make Money as a Private Tutor While Teaching English Abroad?

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