About Teaching English in Asia

Combining an enormous population, a deep-rooted commitment to education and widespread economic prosperity, Asia is by far the largest market on the globe for English language instruction. Nearly half of all English teaching opportunities can be found here as tens of thousands of teachers are employed each year in Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. In addition, newly ascendant Southeast Asian “Economic Tigers” like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia represent some of the fastest-growing TEFL job markets on Earth.

Steeped in history, deep-rooted cultures, and exquisite natural beauty, Asia also offers some of the most lucrative opportunities in the world as a typical native-speaking English teacher with a TEFL/TESOL Certification from International TEFL Academy can expect to save 30%-50% of their salary after expenses.

ITA alumnus Jeff Alten teaching English in Vietnam, Asia
Teach English in Asia with International TEFL Academy


Highlights of TEFL Jobs in Asia

  • In South Korea, English teachers can typically save between $10,000 & $15,000 a year after expenses while in JapanTaiwanChina & Vietnam, savings often range from $5,000 - $8,000 annually (and sometimes higher in China). There are good opportunities to make & save extra money in Thailand as well.

  • A four-year degree is often required to teach English in many Asian nations, however, those without a 4-year degree may find opportunities in some fantastic countries like Cambodia.  Citizenship from a designated native English-speaking country is often required as well.

  • Most positions in developed Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China, are obtained by interviewing in advance from your home country, so most teachers have an ESL job lined up before departing for the region.

  • Asia is by far the largest and often the most lucrative region of the world for teaching English abroad. If you are looking for a fantastic international experience and opportunities to make and save great money while teaching English abroad, Asia is a region you need to consider.

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Where Can You Teach English in Asia?

TEFL Certification Options for
Teaching English in Asia

You don't need a degree in education or professional teaching experience to teach English in Asia & find an ESL job in Asia, but earning your TEFL certification will provide you with the training and qualification you need to get hired.

Because schools and recruiters interview prospective teachers in their home country in advance most Americans and Canadians take their TEFL certification class online or in North America, though qualified students may take a course in Southeast Asia and gain employment following their course.

All International TEFL Academy TEFL students receive lifetime worldwide Job Search Guidance.

Here are recommended options:

Online TEFL Courses

Full-time/Part-time 💻

ITA offers two Online TEFL Courses that are taught by expert professors & incorporate live practice teaching. These 2 courses enable you to get certified at home in just 4 weeks, or in 11 weeks while working full-time or going to school.


USA TEFL Courses

4-Week, Full-Time 🏫

Take a 4-week TEFL Course in the U.S. prior to heading abroad.


Asia TEFL Courses

4-Week, Full-Time 🏫

International TEFL Academy offers accredited TEFL certification 4-week courses in Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Worldwide TEFL Courses

4-Week, Full-Time 🏫

International TEFL Academy offers accredited TEFL certification 4-week courses in 23 locations worldwide. 



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ITA Alumni Teaching English in Asia

Jessica Montgomery

Teaches English in Korea

Jessica Montgomery

My pay was great! (My pay was bumped up because I had my TEFL certificate) I was able to save approximately. $12,000 USD before leaving South Korea. And that excludes all of my traveling in and around Asia.

Stephan Stansfield

Teaches English in Thailand

Stephan Stansfield

I would highly recommend teaching in Thailand. As for advice, be prepared to be flexible and open up your mind to learning another culture. It has greatly changed my perspective on life.

Jacklynn Blanchard

Teaches English in Vietnam

Jacklynn Blanchard

I chose to get my certification through the International TEFL Academy because I read a lot if glowing reviews from its alumni, I liked that there were advisors, and there was job assistance.

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