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Culture Courses Overview

Nervous about your transition to a new country and role as a professional TEFL teacher? ITA’s online and in-person culture courses can ensure a seamless transition by providing a cultural introduction to your new home and a venue to meet other soon-to-be ESL teachers:

  • Italy (Online)
  • Japan (Online & On-Site)
  • Korea (Online & On-Site)
  • Spain (Online)
  • Thailand (On-Site)

Taught by local experts, in-person courses are 40 hours over one week, and include diverse excursions and experiences that immerse you in the local culture and customs. Online courses are 10 hours long, and include lessons on customs and etiquette, adjusting to life and becoming a local. 

Gain an Appreciation & Understanding of Your New Home

Understand the Local Culture & Customs

Gain an understanding of the norms and basics of daily life, from making friends to local etiquette. Get the most out of your teaching abroad experience, and help avoid challenges like culture shock.

Learn from Local Experts, Educators 

Participate in a carefully customized course, designed by our team of local experts, that hits on the most important elements of a seamless transition to your new home. 

Meet Other Soon-to-be ESL Teachers

Grow your support network instantly as you learn alongside other ESL teachers who will be living and working in the same country. 

Explore Online & In-Person Options

Choose a high-quality online or in-person culture course, based on your timeline, budget, and learning preferences. 

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Course Dates & Registration

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling, we strongly recommend that you are concurrently enrolled in an accredited TEFL certification, are already certified, or have experience teaching ESL. Not yet TEFL certified? Get in touch with us. You can bundle our TEFL certification course with this specialty course and save an additional $70 for online culture courses, and an additional $100 for onsite culture courses. 

International TEFL Academy's Lifetime Job Guidance and support, access to our alumni community, and our high-quality accreditation are only available to students and alumni of our online and in-person standard TEFL certification courses.

We also invite you to read our registration procedure and terms & conditions. Note that all students will be charged a small processing fee per course/program purchased.

BUNDLE & SAVE: Get up to $100 OFF your culture course if you bundle with a standard TEFL course


Ask a Culture Course Instructor

Mike Volpe, Thai Culture Course Instructor.
Mike has a PhD in Thai culture and politics and is a Fulbright Scholar.

What are ITA’s Culture Courses?

Culture courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to better understand a particular culture and thrive while living, working, and traveling in the country.

Designed by a team of experts on each culture with years of experience living and working abroad, ITA’s Culture Courses provide you with all the information you need to better understand the country you will be living and working in as an ESL teacher. 

ITA offers a combination of online and in-person courses for select destinations, which can be completed before you start your TEFL adventure. 

Do you need to be TEFL certified to take those courses?

You do not need a TEFL certification to take ITA’s Culture Courses but if you intend to teach abroad, we highly recommend taking our 11-week part-time online course, 4-week full-time online course, or our in-person course in Chicago to give you the best preparation for teaching abroad and access to our Lifetime Job Search Guidance.

Discounts are available for all Culture Courses if you bundle them with one of ITA’s Standard TEFL Courses as well as to our alumni.

What is the duration of the Culture Courses?

Our In-person Culture Courses are completed over 5 days and consist of 60 hours of online and in-person theory and lessons as well as cultural activities and excursions.

Our Online Culture Courses are asynchronous and can generally be completed over 10 to 12 hours. 

ITA Grads Discuss Their Culture Course Experiences


Japanese Culture Course Student


I personally loved the Japanese cooking lesson, it was very interactive and the teachers were very friendly. The tour guides were very insightful and kind. Being around so much nature was nice. Learning about shinto customs was also very cool.


Korean Culture Course Student


The South Korean Cultural Foundation Course has made me confident in my future travels to Korea. I found the course useful because the information was already centralized. I did not have to do research myself in order to prepare for my travels and be worried about the sources I used to get the information from. It was innovative, fun, and reliable.


Italian Culture Course Student


I think that it's really important that people come into a new country with a cultural awareness of that nation, not only for themselves and their own enrichment but also for the people of the country that they are entering.

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